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About us

YourCareMoments TM is a healthcare data-sharing capability; our community members take us on their healthcare journeys and give us transparency into the ways that they manage their care. YourCareMomentsTM community members provide deep granular insights into the ‘Why?’ – why they chose, adopt, and adhere. Our members are invited to take frequent, prompted, validated surveys that coincide with a healthcare event (while using a pharmacy or leaving a doctor’s appointment). We turn our members’ de-identified insights into information for our clients (biopharmaceutical manufacturers and managed care organizations) that will yield improved access to patient care.
YourCareMoments TM is also improving the way the healthcare industry conducts research: we’re committed to listening to our panelists’ voices and identifying opportunities to improve.

We would like to invite all patients to join us and take us on their own unique healthcare journey.  We are certainly listening. Our studies are ongoing so there are ongoing opportunities to earn rewards.